When to Rent a Server

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Published: 07th December 2010
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Business owners don’t usually consider the option of server rental as they are unaware of the important benefits that it offers. Here are some situations in which renting a server could be very useful for your business:

Network replication for testing and training purposes

Testing and training projects, especially those on a large scale can prove to be intensive as far as resources are concerned. Lots of firms choose to set up an independent network temporarily in these situations. The option of renting a server is generally taken up for short training sessions or longer testing projects. By setting up a network replica, you allow employees to test and train in a virtual work environment.

Disaster management and planning

Ever considered the damage that can happen to your computer network in case of fire or flood, theft or server failure? While these events will hopefully be rare, you certainly should remain prepared. Server rental will provide a temporary substitute for you to get your business up and running while waiting for a new server.

Relocating office

There are many challenges to meet in this kind of situation. It may be as simple as moving across the hall or as difficult as moving to a new city – whatever it may be, you will be required to run daily operations while in transit. Server rental can offer a solution for file storage temporarily until the move is over. The added advantage this offers is the rented server will be a backup in the event something goes awry while your system is being transported from the old office to the new one.

Things to consider when renting a server

• Assess your requirements clearly. Ensure what software and operating system the server needs. A rented server will only succeed if it has the correct settings for your requirements. If you are unsure about the equipment you require, check with your rental provider. The support team would be in a position to help you.

• Take care with computer security issues. In case the temporary network offers internet access, it is imperative that it has adequate antivirus protection installed. Companies that rent servers typically also sell or rent firewalls and antivirus programs. Talk to the provider about software options.

• Do not forget extra hardware. Along with the server, you need wiring, access points, routers, and perhaps storage arrays. Consult your rental service provider about this when you calculate your initial budget.

• Find out about your supplier’s services. What kind of servers do they supply? Can they provide a server at short notice?

• Make sure there is phone support 24/7 or, even better, hire a technician from the rental firm.

Renting a server can be a very difficult process if you choose the wrong firm. With some research, you will be able to find a reliable supplier to provide server technology when needed. Make sure that you have their phone numbers handy - you can never predict when you will need a server rental company's services.

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