Types of Audio Visual Equipment

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Published: 18th January 2011
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Good quality audio video equipment can help your deliver an effective business presentation. There is a variety of audio visual equipment that you can choose from, depending on whether you need them for a trade show, marketing event, party or presentation. From the simplest flip chart to the more sophisticated projectors as well as DLP and LCD projectors, the choice in audio and visual tools is many and varied. Purchasing high end audio video equipment can be expensive- you can keep costs low and access the latest technology by going for audio video equipment rental. Here is a list of the different audio visual presentation equipment that you can rent.

LCD projectors

There is a wide variety of LCD projectors available. You can choose LCD projectors on the basis of image clarity, resolution, zoom and many more. The audience size as well as the size of the venue where the presentation or event will be held are other factors, which decide the type of LCD projector you should go for. If you are unsure, the salespersons from the video equipment rental company can help you choose the right projector for your needs.

Overhead projectors

Overhead projectors are cheaper than LCD projectors and produce larger images on a white surface or any screen, allowing them to be viewed from long distances. Such projectors are basic but are reliable and used commonly. If you want to go for projectors that produce enlarged images, overhead projectors are the ideal options.

TV and Video

A very essential part of audio visual presentation equipment, television and video players come with a variety of features.

Projection Screens

Projection screens are used to display images from the projectors. They come in a variety of sizes. These screens are also available as tripods and wall screens. Larger screens are expensive and if you want such screens for one-time events, it is advisable to rent them.

AV trolleys

Audio visual trolleys are required to maneuver television, overhead projectors and other equipment.

Other equipment

Other audio video equipment that you can choose include pointers, conference kits, microphones, cassette players, speakers, microphones, mixers, camcorders and remote controls. Make sure that audio visual accessories are of a good quality before purchasing or renting them.

Computer based displays

Computer-based displays look modern and professional. Images can be displayed with the help of a laptop or a desktop via a projector. You can also enhance such presentations with the help of videos and sounds.

Designing visuals

When you want to effectively spread your marketing message at a trade show or impress clients at a presentation, it is essential to design audio visuals creatively. If you are not familiar with designing visuals, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do it. There are plenty of design agencies that can help you design excellent visuals. Make sure that the visuals are uncluttered and simple.

Purchasing audio visual tools can be an expensive proposition. If you require such equipment for a short period of time, it is recommended that you source them from an audio video equipment rental company. Renting is not only cost-effective but you also benefit from additional services such as equipment installation and maintenance.

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