Tips for a Successful Audio Visual Presentation

Published: 26th August 2010
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An audio visual presentation is a powerful tool to communicate business ideas to an audience of any size. The combination of sound and visuals often makes a far more compelling statement than a mere speech or a simple brochure or document. However, an AV presentation is successful only when the entire message is conveyed correctly and effectively to the intended audience. Using the proper equipment is critical to ensure that this happens. Many businesses use audio visual equipment hire to save costs while getting the best technology available to enhance the impact of the presentations. Here are some ideas to make sure your presentation is a success.

Focus on the theme

The theme of your presentation should be clear and unambiguous. Select a title that clearly shows what the theme of the presentation is. This helps the audience prepare themselves mentally and even read up on the subject if need be. This advance preparation helps increase the effectiveness of the communication during the presentation.

Keep it simple

The ideas and concepts should be effectively communicated but with a lot of simplicity. Use bullet points to break up complex data into easy to understand chunks. The idea is for you to convey the message in the easiest way possible to the audience so confusing sentences and complex language should be avoided. Avoid use of jargon unless the audience is restricted to people who are completely familiar with the subject presented.

Use statistics to back ideas

Use statistics to back your points instead of relying only on lengthy explanations. Numbers make facts much more credible and also make comparisons easy. Statistics also show that you have done your research on the subject and this lends more weight to your ideas.

Be punctual

Plan your presentation so that you know how long it will take to complete. Set a time for your presentation and make sure all the participants are informed of the start and end time well in advance. This will help them schedule their activities accordingly. Make sure you start the presentation on time and leave some time for questions before your pack up. A late start gives the impression that you are disorganized and lack commitment. Factor in the time it will take for you to set up the equipment you need. If you have opted for an audio visual equipment hire, give the provider a reminder well in advance about the presentation.

Run a trial presentation

Running a trial presentation is a ‘must do’ well before it is time for the real one. During the trial, make sure you test all the equipment you need to use. If you have signed up for audio visual equipment hire, ask the provider to deliver and set up the equipment with enough time for testing and trouble shooting. The trial run will ensure there are no unpleasant surprises during the presentation. Keep these points in mind when you design and carry out a presentation and you can be sure that your message will be conveyed effectively to your audience.

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