The Importance of Venues in Business Events

Published: 24th August 2011
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You must have heard many realtors harping on the importance of location when a real estate deal is on the cards. In a similar vein, consideration of various factors affecting the venue or location, as well as event rentals, when planning an upcoming event is paramount for its success. Picking the right location will draw more participants and keep attracting them every subsequent year as well.

Factors affecting choice of event location

Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing your event location – suffice to say this is especially relevant when your firm makes the decision as to where the event is to be held.

• The event your business is participating in may be an international, national or local one. Obviously if the event is aimed at attendees from across the globe or the country the venue should be close to a major airport; most of the main coastal cities generally have airports. Even if your event targets a local audience, select a location that is easy accessible and has several local attractions.

• Ground transport between the airport and the hotels as well as to the venue should be inexpensive besides being convenient for attendees – check if taxis, shuttles, and other forms of public transportation are available, reliable and frequent.

• How many participants are expected at your event? Venues accommodating a couple of hundred people are quite different from those catering to thousands of participants. If the event is a very large one, the best bet would be a big convention center with many surrounding hotels offering a range of room rates. Of course, if you expect a smaller turnout, it calls for a venue of matching size which creates a greater sense of involvement and interaction among participants. Renting a large venue for a small group can be a big mistake as the small number of attendees can end up feeling lost in the vast space.

• Check if the venue fits your budget and the hotel rooms located around the venue offer rates that are pocket friendly for your event participants. Don’t make the error of assumption – check back with participants regarding their budgets and with the hotels about special discounted rates for bulk bookings.

• Make sure you list all the support you will need at the event location. Does it have a good variety of vendors available? Food and beverage suppliers are always a dime a dozen. However, it is prudent to check if vendors are on hand who can supply any special technology event rentals and cater to non-standard requirements that you may have like entertainment or unusual services or supplies.

• Finally ensure that the location offers the technology substructure that you are looking for. For instance your event may need access to the Internet or perhaps similar advanced technology in order to make the experience unforgettable for your speakers and attendees alike. In this scenario, ensure the venue supports the technical requirements of your event rentals vis-a-vis equipment, cables and outlets.

While planning your next business event, do consider these factors seriously when picking the location. You can, to a very large extent, to ensure the success of your event with the proper space, accessibility options, rates, suppliers and event rentals technology.

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