Dealing with AV Equipment Obsolescence in Business

Published: 26th August 2010
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In 2005, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) brought out startling statistics, which showed the degree of obsolescence in AV and related products. According to the agency, about 2 million tons of discarded material could be attributed to old TVs, scanners, computers and other related equipment. Most of these end up in landfills. When it comes to AV equipment, businesses including those providing video and audio equipment rentals, choose to discard their equipment in favor of latest models without much thought. These discarded equipments may still be used in a variety of ways, saving money for the business and enabling it to be more eco friendly. Here are some tips on tackling AV equipment obsolescence:

Planning your needs

Planning your equipment needs in advance can make a great difference in ensuring the suitability of the equipment you buy for your business. Combine needs of different users or departments that can be met by a single piece of equipment and install it in a centralized location so that all users have access to it. This will cut down the number of machines you have, and save space and cost. It also reduces the chances that the equipment will quickly grow obsolete because it fulfills many different needs.

Planning also comes into play when outlining the AV equipment needs for a new project. By postponing the AV equipment projections until the final stages before project commencement, the business can choose from the latest equipment available in the markets. This means that the equipment is not likely to become obsolete within a few months of the projectís commencement.

Repurpose existing equipment

A piece of equipment that is obsolete in one area of your business may have enough features to address the needs of another department. By repurposing this equipment you can avoid buying two new products where one would do.

Discount selling to employees

Often equipment that becomes obsolete for business is still perfect for use at home. Selling off such equipment at a discount to interested employees is a good way to deal with obsolete equipment while keeping employees happy. Another similar method is to give away the old equipment to charity organizations where a high level of equipment complexity is not required. For example, your old sound systems, microphones and speakers may be very useful in schools.

Rent instead of buy

The best possible way to avoid obsolescence and still keep pace with technology is to rent technology that tends to change frequently. Video and audio equipment rentals let you use the latest products at a fraction of the purchase price. When a new product hits the market, simply ask for a new rental plan and replace your old equipment with the new one.

Buy back programs

You can also look for buy back programs for your AV equipment. Some providers of audio equipment rentals advertise buy back programs where you can exchange your old equipment for a discount on new ones. These deals help you get the latest technology and at the same time they save you money.

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