3D Display Market to Grow Rapidly

Published: 30th June 2010
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The popularity of 3D displays has increased after 3D cinema has been well-received by the public. Recent 3D movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans have done very well at the box office while the 2009 movie Avatar grossed more than two billion dollars. 3D displays create a great impact when used in billboards and other public advertising signage. 3D displays and 3D TVs at home are undoubtedly the next big thing. Advertisers are already making use of 3D displays at trade shows and other events to dazzle customers. Most good equipment rental companies are also offering 3D display rental to their customers these days.

3D displays poised for growth

According to a recent report titled by 3D Display Technology and Market Forecast Report, the 3D display market is poised for tremendous growth in the future. The report suggests that the 3D display market will reach almost twenty two billion dollars in revenue in the year 2018 from the current nine hundred million. 3D displays are becoming popular with the consumers and the application of the technology in professional arenas has also seen a rise.

The report also stated that the number of 3D televisions being manufactured will increase from 2009's 0.2 million to almost sixty four million by 2018. Among 3D applications, 3D televisions are expected to see the biggest growth in revenue, reaching close to seventeen billion dollars. Expect 3D displays to be expensive in the beginning, so you may have to consider renting them from a 3D display rental service.

3D monitors are expected to see a tremendous growth from the current forty thousand units to almost ten million by 2018. As far as notebooks are concerned, 3D notebooks are expected to see an increase to 17.7 million units in 2018 from the present 66,000 units.

3D displays in smaller gadgets

Mobile phones with 3D displays are also expected to become popular by 2018 with a forecasted sale of seventy one million in that year.

3D displays will be used extensively in LCDs because of LCD's many applications such as mobile phones, televisions and advertising billboards, where 3D would be highly desirable. The screen size for 3D displays is likely to range from four to forty nine inches. The smaller screens would be used in digicams, video recorders and mobile phones.

Eyewear will be required

Eyewear will be required for many 3D applications though developers are researching 3D displays that do not require glasses. But according to forecasts, this is a long way off and for the near future at least, eyewear will be needed to view 3D displays. According to another forecast in the report, moviegoers can expect close to seven thousand 3D cinema screens by the end of 2010 and about nine thousand in 2011.

Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, have already sold thousands of units of 3D displays. 3D is already being used in medical and computer aided design (CAD) applications. 3D displays are all set to wow viewers with their highly animated experience. With industry experts forecasting such a remarkable growth in the 3D display market, we can also expect the 3D display rental industry to see substantial growth in business.

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